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Emulsifier e471, Emulsifier 471, e471 halal

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Leading emulsifier e471 supplier-detailed introduce the property, application and use of emulsifier e471 in different industries. Emulsifier e471, is also called emulsifier 471, e471 halal, glycerol monostearate.
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English name: Dihydroxypropyl octadecanoate, emulsifier e471, emulsifier 471, e471 halal, glycerol monostearate, glyceryl monostearate

CAS: 123-94-4

Molecular formula: C21H42O4

Molecular weight: 358.56

Density 0.9580

Melting point 68-72°C


Emulsifier e471 is prepared by esterifying C16-C18 long-chain fatty acids with glycerol. It is a non-ionic surfactant. It has both hydrophilic and lipophilic genes, and has multiple functions such as wetting, emulsifying and foaming. This product is milky white waxy solid, soluble in methanol, ethanol, and other solutions. It can also been called emulsifier 471, e471 halal and glycerol monostearate.


Numbering system of emulsifier e471

CAS number: 123-94-4

MDL number: MFCD00036186

EINECS number: 204-664-4

RTECS Number: No

BRN number: 1728685 [3]

PubChem number: 24896595

Merck Index 4489

EC number 204-664-4molecular structure of emulsifier e471, emulsifier 471, e471 halal



1. Organoleptic properties: Emulsifier e471/Monoglycerides are related to oils, and their organoleptic properties are similar to oils. Its consistency is related to fatty acid groups. Generally, it can be oily, fat or waxy. Generally speaking, monoglycerides have a higher consistency and melting point than the fats or fatty acids used. The changing law of the melting point of monoglycerides is: as the carbon chain of fatty acids extends, the melting point of monoglycerides increases; The color and odor of the ester are related to the corresponding fatty acid groups and the source of the raw materials. The odor generally has a grease odor, and the color ranges from brown to milky white.

2. Thermal stability: Emulsifier e471/Monoglyceride is a mixture of 1-monoglyceride and 2-monoglyceride. This is the result of intramolecular acyl transfer. The activation energy of this intramolecular acyl transfer is relatively low, so in any temperature conditions, monoglycerides are a mixture of both, but the ratio of the two varies with temperature.



1. Directly mix it with soluble powder (such as sucrose, flour, etc.), add a dispersing or dissolving solvent;


2. You can also mix this product with an appropriate amount of water or oil, add the required water or oil, and heat to 70°C to disperse or dissolve. The recommended amount is as follows: 0.5% 2.0%


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1. Emulsifier e471 can be used as a fungicide for food and medicine.

1) It has strong antibacterial activity and broad antibacterial spectrum, and can be used for the preservation of meat products, dairy products, beer, soy sauce, etc.

2) For the preservation of oranges, peaches, lychees and other fruits.

3) Emulsifier e471 can form a complex with starch and protein to reduce the antibacterial effect, and is almost ineffective against gram-negative bacteria. It has good compounding effect with other fungicides such as potassium sorbate, so it is mostly used in compound formulations.


2. Emulsifier e471 can be used as emulsifier, co-emulsifier, stabilizer and preservative, etc.

1) Used as a bread softener in food processing, as a defoamer for soybean products, as an emulsifier and stabilizer in dairy products, margarine, and pastries, the general dosage is 0.3%-0.5%;

2) 0.1% when used as defoamer for soy sauce, soy milk and lactic acid drinks;

3) Glycerol monostearate is also used to prepare cosmetic creams, creams and lotions;

4) Used as suppository base and drug carrier in the pharmaceutical industry.

5) Emulsifier for industrial silk oil and lubricant for textiles;

6) Used as dripping agent and antifogging agent in plastic film;

7) Used as lubricant and antistatic agent in plastic processing;

8) Used in the preparation of cosmetic creams, creams and lotions.


3. Used in daily chemical products.

Glyceryl monostearate HLB>3.7, it is an emulsifier of W/O emulsion, an ideal raw material for cream products, and it is also used in pharmacy as a raw material for neutral ointment.



How to use emulsifier e471

1. Used in candy and chocolate, it can prevent the oil separation of toffee and toffee; prevent the crystallization of chocolate sugar and the separation of oil and water, and increase the delicate feeling. The reference dosage is 0.20.5.

2. Used in ice cream, it can make the tissue mix evenly, the tissue is fine, smooth, puffing activity, and improve the shape retention.

3. Used in margarine, it can prevent oil-water separation and stratification, and improve the quality of products.

4. Used in beverages, adding to fat-containing protein beverages can improve stability and prevent oil from floating up and protein sinking. It can also be used as stabilizer in emulsified essence.

5. Used in bread, it can improve the structure of the dough, prevent the aging of the bread, the bread is soft, the volume increases, it is elastic, and the shelf life is prolonged.

6. Used in cakes, it is compatible with other emulsifiers, as a foaming agent for cakes, and forms a complex with protein to produce a moderate bubble film, which increases the volume of the desserts.

7. For biscuits, adding to the dough can make the oil evenly dispersed in an emulsified state, effectively prevent the oil from oozing out, and improve the brittleness of the biscuits.


Toxicological data

Acute toxicity: mouse abdominal cavity LC50: 200mg/kg


Ecological data

It is usually slightly harmful to water. Do not discharge materials into the surrounding environment without government permission.


Packaging, stability and storage of emulsifier e471

1. The whole package of this product is generally 25KG/bag or 25KG cardboard drum.

2. If used and stored in accordance with the specifications, it will not decompose. There are no known hazardous reactions. Avoid oxides. Insoluble in water, dispersed in hot water.

3. Soluble in hot organic solvents such as hot ethanol, mineral oil, benzene, acetone and ether. Emulsifier e471 has good emulsifying properties.

4. Storage: This product should be sealed and protected from light, stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place


bags package of e471 halal, 25g/bag


Product technical specifications of emulsifier e471


Appearance   Milky white, solid or powder solid

Total monoglyceride fatty acid ester,% ≥40.0

Moisture, w/% ≤2.0

Free glycerin, w/% ≤7.0

Acid value (calculated in KOH) (mg/g) ≤6.0

Soap quality (calculated as sodium oleate), w/% ≤6.0

Lead (Pb)/(mg/kg) ≤2.0


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emulsifier e471
emulsifier 471
e471 halal
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