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What is the Main Function of Glycerol Monostearate? How is it used?

2021-01-26 10:23

Package: 25KG/bag

Shelf life: 18 months


Glycerol monostearate is a high-quality and high-efficiency edible emulsifier, which has the functions of emulsification, dispersion, stabilization, foaming, defoaming and starch anti-aging. It is widely used the the manufacturing of ice cream, peanut butter, cake gel, bread and cakes.


Using Method

Method 1: Because glycerol monostearate is easily soluble in fat, melt the glycerol monostearate and fat together, stir and mix, and then feed them. This method is suitable for margarine, pastry oil and other products. The glycerol monostearate is blended in the oil phase for the purpose of emulsification. Therefore, the emulsifier should be in an anhydrous state.


Method 2: Mix glycerol monostearate powder and other raw material powder (such as flour, milk powder) directly and uniformly feed, and then make various products according to law.


Method 3: Make hydrates and then feed them for use. The specific steps are as follows:


1. Place a portion of molecularly distilled monoglyceride in a container, and use an electric furnace or other heating methods to heat and melt molecularly distilled monoglyceride into a liquid;


2. Add 4-5 parts of hot water of about 70 into the high-speed mixer or egg beater, start the mixer, and stir the hot water vigorously.


3. Melt the glycerol monostearate into a liquid (if the mixing equipment is good, you can also directly add the beads or powdered glycerol monostearate), slowly add it to the hot water being stirred and whipped to mix, that can form a milky white hydrate The paste is then cooled to room temperature for later use.


how does the glycerol monostearate look like?


Since the emulsification effect is affected by many factors such as production equipment, process materials, etc., in order to give full play to the role of molecularly distilled monoglyceride, it is recommended that users use Method 3, and the emulsification effect is the most ideal. This is because after the glycerol monostearate is made into a hydrate, its surface area is about 700 times larger than that of the spray crystallized glycerol monostearate powder, which facilitates the dispersion of molecularly distilled monoglyceride in the water base.



The dosage is 0.3%-0.5% (based on the weight of the product formula raw materials). If the product has more ingredients such as oil and protein, or contains raw materials that are not easy to emulsify, the amount of molecularly distilled monoglyceride should be increased to 1%-5%.


Glycerol monostearate produced from natural vegetable oils and fats, referred to as monoglyceride, is purified by molecular distillation technology to achieve more than 90% of its effective ingredients. It is also called molecular distillation monoglyceride and is the most widely used food additive.



Good emulsification, dispersion and stabilization:

Glyceryl monostearate often occurs oil-water separation in food processing. Adding emulsion stabilizers can make the mixed phase form a uniform emulsion, avoiding and preventing food and beverage oil-water separation, stratification, and precipitation. Glyceryl monostearate Ester improves product quality and extends shelf life.


Anti-aging effect of starch:

Glyceryl monostearate can form complexes with protein and starch, and form insoluble complexes with amylose. It can prevent starch from recrystallizing after cooling, preventing starch from aging and regenerating, so that bread, cakes, potato products, etc. are rich in starch The food stays fresh and soft for a long time.


Improve the crystallization of grease:

Molecularly distilled monoglycerides can be oriented on the surface of the oil. Glyceryl monostearate can control and stabilize the crystallization of oils, especially margarine shortening and other oil products, which can improve plasticity and ductility and prevent oil separation layering and other effects.


what is the main application of glycerol monostearate?


Application and effect in various product processing

Application in beverages and instant foods:

Molecularly distilled monoglycerides added to fat and protein beverages (coconut milk, peanut milk, soy milk, almond milk, cocoa powder, soy milk crystals) can significantly improve the solubility and stability, prevent precipitation, separation, and have aroma coloring function, the monoglyceride has good thermal stability, and is very suitable for the production of various beverages.


Application on ice cream:

Molecularly distilled monoglyceride is an ideal emulsifier and stabilizer for making high-quality ice cream. It can improve the dispersibility of fat and make fat particles fine and uniform; promote the interaction of fat and protein; can prevent and control the formation of coarse ice crystals, to make the tissue fine and smooth; improves product shape retention and storage; improves mouth melting.


Application in grease products:

Glyceryl monostearate is used in margarine, butter, shortening, peanut butter, coconut butter, oyster sauce and other products. It can adjust the crystallization of oils, prevent oil separation and stratification, and improve product quality; used in condensed milk, wheat milk dairy products such as refined, cheese, and instant whole milk powder can improve instant solubility and prevent product precipitation, agglomeration and granulation; glycerol monostearate can also be used in powdered oil products, such as coffee mate as an emulsifier.


Application in bread products:

Glyceryl monostearate can promote the rapid fermentation of bread, increase the volume of bread, improve the structure of dough, and extend the shelf life of bread. The reference dosage is 0.3%.


Application in candy and chocolate:

Glyceryl monostearate can not only mix sugar and fat materials quickly and uniformly, but also do not separate after cooling; glyceryl monostearate prevents graining, granulation and oil loss. It can also prevent the product from sticking to teeth, adhesion and deformation, and improve the moisture resistance of the product.


the appreance of glycerol monostearate, white solid powder


Technical Specifications


Milky white solid

Glycerin Monostearate content, %


Iodine value (g/100g)


Free glycerin (%)


Freezing point ()

60.0 -70.0

Free acid (stearic acid) %


Arsenic (As) (%)


Heavy metals (plumbum) %



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