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Application of e471 in ice cream

2021-01-04 17:28

Do you know how e471 in ice cream function? Donot worry, following let us introduce you  more about this.

Glyceryl monostearate (GMS), EU code: e471, produced from natural vegetable oils and fats, referred to as monoglycerides, is purified by molecular distillation technology to achieve more than 90% of its active ingredients, also known as molecularly distilled monoglycerides, and is the most widely used food Additives, safe to use in the production and processing of food, medicine, plastics, etc., accounting for more than half of the market emulsifier consumption. For more information about e471 in ice cream, check following pls:


Monoglyceride is the most ideal emulsifier and stabilizer for making high-quality ice cream. The role of e471 in ice cream as follows:

(1) Emulsification: e471 in ice cream make the fat globules appear in a fine milky state and stabilize them;

(2) Dispersion: e471 in ice cream disperse and stabilize particles other than fat globules;

(3) Foaming: e471 in ice cream, can improve the foaming power of the mixture during the freezing process, and refine the bubbles to stabilize it;

(4) e471 in ice cream, improve shape retention, increase the heat resistance of ice cream at room temperature;

(5) e471 in ice cream also has the function of improvement of storability and reduction of products going bad during storage;

(6) e471 in ice cream also can prevent and control the formation of large ice crystals and make the ice cream texture fine.


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