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The emulsification principle of emulsifier

2020-12-22 09:37

Emulsifier is a kind of surface active agent, which has both hydrophilic group and lipophilic group. The two are located at the two ends respectively, forming an asymmetric molecular structure. Two insoluble substances can be "adsorbed" together.


The principle of emulsification in liquid materials: In two immiscible liquids (such as oil and water), emulsifier molecules can be adsorbed on the liquid interface and arranged in an orientation. The hydrophilic group points to the water phase, and the hydrophobic group points to the oil. Through the "bridging" effect of the emulsifier, the water and oil phases are closely integrated.


Principle of emulsification in solid materials: emulsifiers interact with protein, starch and lipids in food to improve food structure. Carbohydrates are polyhydroxy aldehydes, ketones or condensation products of polyhydroxy aldehydes and ketones. Due to the structural characteristics of monosaccharides and glycoside chains, carbohydrates can form hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions. Therefore, there are two interactions between emulsifiers and carbohydrates, namely, hydrophilic interactions produced by hydrogen bonds and hydrophobic interaction produced by hydrophobic bonds. With the formation of hydrogen bonds, emulsifiers can be added to the outer branches of amylopectin to form amylopectin-emulsifier complex. Monosaccharides or oligosaccharides have good water solubility and no hydrophobic layer, so they do not have a hydrophobic interaction with emulsifiers. But the high molecular polysaccharide is not the case, it has a hydrophobic interaction with the emulsifier.

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