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The characteristics of food emulsifier and its application in oil emulsification

2020-12-15 11:20

1. Main varieties and characteristics of emulsifiers

Monoglyceride (GMS DGMS) characteristics: emulsification, dispersion, starch aging resistance

Characteristics of sodium stearoyl lactylate (SSL): strengthening, emulsification, anti-aging, preservation, increasing the volume of bread and steamed bread, and improving the structure

Calcium-sodium stearoyl lactate (CSL-SSL) characteristics: strengthening, emulsification, anti-aging, preservation, increasing the volume of bread and steamed bread, and improving the structure of the structure.

Tripolyglycerol monostearate (PGFE) characteristics: strong emulsification, moisturizing, softness, and preventing starch retrogradation and aging

Diacetyltartaric acid mono(di)glyceride (DATEM) characteristics: emulsify, increase dough elasticity, toughness and air retention, increase the volume of bread and steamed bread, and prevent aging.

Lauric acid/caprylic acid monoglyceride (GML/GMC) characteristics: emulsification, dispersion, preservation, preservation.

Sucrose fatty acid ester (SE) characteristics: emulsification, solubilization, foaming, anti-aging.

Propylene glycol stearate (PGMS) characteristics: crisp, strong foaming, anti-aging.


The emulsification mechanism of emulsifier:

Through the emulsification process, the original physical state is changed, and the internal structure of the system is changed. By this way, not only the sensory and quality are improved, but also the flavor and taste are improved, that is, the food quality is improved, and the shelf life is extended, and meanwhile, all these improved people's appetite and food experience.


When selecting emulsifiers, it is best to use two or more emulsifiers, and the HLB value range is not large 5, which will produce additivity, increase the emulsification width, achieve synergistic effect, and obtain the best emulsification effect. If the emulsifier is used as a food improver (such as: Colors, flavors, etc.) The emulsifier and the emulsified body can be heated to an appropriate temperature and stirred vigorously to obtain a stable emulsification system. If the emulsifier is used in flour products, dairy products, meat products, etc., the emulsifier should be mixed together with water and oil to be heated and stirred evenly until fully disperse or dissolve, and getting a slurry or emulsion, and then mix it with the corresponding system. For powder products (such as flour and milk powder, etc.), the powder and emulsifier (or improver) of the same particle size must be mixed in a mixer before reprocessing. The stability of the emulsification system is related to the size of the discontinuous phase particles, the smaller the particles, the higher the stability, and vice versa.


2. The preferred emulsifier for different types of food

(1) Emulsifier for flour products


Steamed bread: SSL, CSL-SSL, DATEM, DGMS, GML

Pastries: SSL, PGMS, GMS, GML

Noodles, instant noodles: SSL, CSL-SSL

Biscuits: Phospholipids, CSL, SSL, CSL-SSL, PGFE, GMS, GML

Dumpling flour improver: SSL, DATEM, GML, PGFE


(2) Emulsifier for milk and dairy products

Pure milk: PGFE, SSL, GML, SE-15

Yoghurt: PGFE, GML, GMS, SE-15

Fruit milk: S60, "PGFE, SE-15

Fruit and vegetable juice drinks: PGFE, SSL, S-60, "SE series

Ice cream: SSL, PGMS, GMS, DGMS, PGFE, SE, S-60, "PGPR

Chocolate, candy: GMC, ODO, GMS, PGPR


(3) Emulsifier for meat products: SSL, GMS, DGMS, PGFE, GML

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