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Application of DATEM in various foods

2020-12-10 11:02


1. The application of DATEM in bread

The most basic function of DATEM is: when it is mixed into any kind of wheat flour-based dough fermented with yeast, it can quickly and completely combine with the hydrated gluten bundle, making the gluten network stronger and more extensible. By this way, it helps to increase the air retention ability. The bubble network of the dough produced in this way has small pore size, strong bubble wall and good extensibility. Due to the increased extensibility of the dough, it is no longer particularly sensitive to the length of kneading time. And there is a positive correlation between the amount of addition and one increase in gas retention. When the protein content in the flour is insufficient or the quality is lower than ideal, adding DATEM will help stabilize the dough at the end of normal proofing, and make the dough have a reasonable oven surge, and the bread will have a higher specific volume and more uniformity after baking. The appearance of flour, the general addition amount is 0.1-0.3% of the amount of flour. When using high-quality bread flour as the base material, DATEM plays a greater role in improving air retention, especially in the early stages of low-density dough transfer from fermentation to oven and baking. For bread that needs to be proofed for a long time, DATEM can provide fermentation stability between 2-16 hours at a low fermentation temperature, and can stabilize it under prolonged and frequently changing fermentation conditions. DATEM is used in whole wheat bread and bread with nuts, because bran particles, wheat chips and nuts will destroy the dough


Stomatal network, one way to overcome it is to add wheat gluten to the formula, another way is to use DATEM, the best way is to mix the two. But DATEM has little effect on the properties of starch-water mixture, so it will not directly change or reduce the aging or aging speed. Nowadays, in low-auxiliary or crispy bread, bakers will prefer to use DATEM-containing bread regulators to obtain the maximum air holding capacity. In bread, DATEM has a synergistic effect with oxidants VC, ADA and enzymes. The recommended dosage is 0.2-0.6% of the weight of flour.


2. Application of DATEM to biscuits and puffed snacks

DATEM can emulsify fats, which after emulsified are easily absorbed by gluten, and can improve the mechanical processing performance. During the baking process, it expands by heat, which makes the protein easy to foam and increase the volume, and gradually solidifies and fixes with the baking, making the center layer structure form a porous spongy loose body, which improves the product's looseness and taste, and extends the shelf life. When 0.125-0.5% DATEM is added, the amount of fat in the biscuits can be reduced by about 20%, achieving good health and eating effects. Adding 0.2-0.5% DATEM to puffed snacks can play a good emulsification and lubrication effect, reduce extrusion pressure, reduce equipment wear, and produce puffed products with smooth surface, fine pores, and crisp taste, as well as, reduce product hygroscopicity and extend the shelf life.

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