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The characteristics of DATEM and its comparison with commonly used emulsifiers in food

2020-12-08 11:37

DATEM has the functions of emulsification, stabilization, anti-aging, and preservation. Used in bread, cakes, biscuits, cereals, extruded foods, butter, hydrogenated vegetable oils, non-dairy powders, soups, pigment concentrates and other products.


1. Improve emulsification, prevent oil-water separation, and be used as emulsifier and dispersant.

2. Increase dough strength, increase volume, improve structure, soft texture and prevent aging.

3. Form complexes with starch, prevent starch swelling and loss, and improve starch gelatinization characteristics.

4. Used for cream to make the cream soft and smooth.


The largest market for emulsifiers in the world is the bread industry. In baked goods, the most commonly used emulsifiers are calcium/sodium stearoyl lactate (CSL/SSL), diacetyl tartaric acid mono(di)glyceride (DATEM), molecular Distilled monoglyceride (GMS) and lecithin etc. They can interact with gluten protein to form a complex, connect gluten molecules to each other to form a macromolecular gluten network, enhance the elasticity, toughness and air-holding properties of the dough, increase the volume of the bread, and improve the structure of the bread. It can also interact with amylose to delay the aging rate of the product. However, DATEM has the strongest binding ability with protein. When the quality of flour is good and the operation is perfect, the volume of bread made by DATEM is larger than other emulsifiers.


According to the data, DATEM, in addition to its emulsifier properties, can also strongly inhibit a variety of bacteria, fungi and viruses such as Spneumoniaro, Helicobacter, pyori, etc. It is generally believed that its antibacterial mechanism is to cause microbial penetration by affecting the lipid membrane of infective microorganisms. The ability to reduce, eventually leading to the loss of infection ability of microorganisms.


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