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Characteristics and uses of sodium stearoyl lactylate

2020-12-07 14:25

Characteristics and uses of sodium stearoyl lactylate

It has the functions of strengthening, emulsifying, anti-aging, keeping fresh, etc. It is used in bread, steamed bread, instant noodles, noodles, dumplings and other noodle products:

1. Enhance the elasticity, toughness and air retention of the dough, increase the volume of bread and steamed bread, and improve the structure of the dough.

2. Make the surface of noodles and instant noodles smoother, have a low rate of breakage, are resistant to foaming and cooking, and are more chewy.

3. The biscuits are easy to demould, the appearance is neat, the layers are clear, and the taste is crisp.

4. It can interact with amylose to delay and prevent food aging and prolong the preservation time.

5. Improve the quality of frozen food, improve the organization structure, avoid surface cracking, and prevent the filling from leaking.


How to use sodium stearoyl lactylate

1. Mix this product with food ingredients directly.

2. Add this product to 6 times of water or oil at about 60℃ to make a paste, then mix it with other food ingredients.


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