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Application of polyglycerol fatty acid ester in food

2020-12-04 15:53

Milk drinks, vegetable protein drinks

Dosage: 0.05%~0.30%

Function: Improve the stability and dispersion of the beverage, prevent precipitation, stratification, oil ring and other phenomena, and improve the uniformity and taste of the product.


Ice cream

Dosage: 0.02%~0.50%

Function: Improve the expansion rate and shape retention ability, prevent the formation and growth of ice crystals during the storage of the ice cream, and make the ice cream taste smoother.


Bread, cakes, biscuits

Dosage: 0.05%~0.30%

Function: As an emulsifier, modifier and foaming agent, it can effectively improve the texture of the product, prevent the oil from leaking out, and improve the quality of the product.


Fried snacks

Dosage: 0.02%~0.50%

Function: As a modifier, humectant and softener, it increases the volume of snackes, so that the raw materials such as oil and seasoning can easily penetrate into the snacks, improve the taste, and prevent starch from regenerating and aging.


Cream, butter, shortening

Dosage: 0.10%~1.00%

Function: As an emulsifier and stabilizer, it can prevent oil-water separation and stratification, and can be used as a food oil crystallization inhibitor.



Dosage: 0.02%~0.50%

Function: As an emulsifier and plasticizer, it can prevent butterscotch from oil separation, improve shape retention ability, prevent sticky paper from sticking to teeth, and improve taste.


Chocolate products

Dosage: 0.05%~0.50%

Function: Inhibit the crystallization of chocolate oil, prevent the surface of chocolate from frosting, improve the brittleness of chocolate, and prevent the quality from being deformed by moisture and heat.


Instant rice noodle products

Dosage: 0.02%~0.30%

Function: Promote the moisture to penetrate into the noodles quickly, improve the elasticity of the noodles, make the products not easy to be mashy when boiling, reduce the loss of starch in the finished products, as well as the viscosity of the dough.


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