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Application of polyglycerol esters as food additives

2020-12-03 17:00


1. As an emulsion stabilizer and crystal modifier in margarine, it can improve the spreadability, fluidity and plasticity of the cream;


2. For ice cream, it performs better than monoglyceride in terms of smooth appearance, dry humidity, fine and smooth taste, as well as expansion, heat resistance and shape retention ability;


3. Used for baked foods such as bread, it can increase the volume by 1/4, the internal network structure is fine and uniform, the mouthfeel is improved with better elasticity and better softness;


4. It is used to make cakes with uniform pores, which can improve the taste and increase the mouthfeel of chewing;


5. Its emulsification and dispersibility in beverages and candies are better than other emulsifiers;


6. Used in chocolate, it can reduce viscosity and yield point, making the product easier to be processed;


In addition, polyglycerol esters can be used as processing modifiers for fish and meat products, surface treatment agents for fruits and vegetables, and defoamers for sucrose.


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