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Other application of polyglycerol fatty acid esters in food industry

2020-11-27 15:14

1) Used as a crystallization regulator


Polyglycerol fatty acid esters have crystallization inhibition or crystallization promotion effects respectively due to their different structures. Selecting a certain polyglycerol fatty acid ester can adjust the crystallization speed, improve the emulsification performance, and reduce the particle size of the crystals, and thereby ensure the gloss to be improved. For example, during the production and storage of chocolate, due to temperature changes, crystals of fat and sugar are produced, which affect the appearance of the product. Adding polyglycerol fatty acid esters to chocolate can increase the stability of the chocolate, prevent the precipitation of fat and sugar from blooming, and improve the appearance.


2) Viscosity modifier


Polyglycerol fatty acid esters are often used as viscosity modifiers in the food industry. For example, chocolate contains cocoa powder, milk powder and sucrose. The properties of these ingredients are very different, and they are not compatible with each other, so the dispersibility is very poor. Polyglycerol fatty acid esters can improve the dispersion of these ingredients, form a smooth tissue structure, reduce the friction between oils and sucrose and other ingredients, so the fluidity of chocolate is relatively enhanced, thereby reducing the viscosity.


3) Antibacterial and fresh-keeping effect


Polyglycerol fatty acid esters have good antibacterial effects. Polyglycerol fatty acid esters with different structures have different antibacterial targets, especially polyglycerol fatty acid esters with short chain length (C8-12), which are resistant to bacteria, molds, Yeasts have a strong antibacterial effect, coupled with their non-toxic and edible properties, they are very suitable as food antibacterial agents.


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