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Application of DATEM to biscuits and puffed snacks

2020-11-20 16:13


Application of DATEM to biscuits and puffed snacks


DATEM can emulsify oil, which after been emulsified is easily absorbed by gluten, and can improve the mechanical processing performance. It expands by heat during the baking process, which makes the protein easy to foam and increase the volume, and gradually solidifies and fixes with the baking, making the center layer structure forming a porous spongy loose body, which improves the product's looseness and taste, meanwhile, it will extend the shelf life. When 0.125-0.5% DATEM is added, the amount of fat in the biscuits can be reduced by about 20%, and a good health care and eating effect can be achieved.


Adding 0.2-0.5% DATEM to puffed snacks can play a good emulsification and lubrication effect, reduce extrusion pressure, equipment wear and produce puffed products with smooth surface, fine pores and crisp taste, as well as reducing product hygroscopicity and extending the shelf life.


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