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Application of PGPR /e476 /Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate in Food

2020-11-09 16:48

Application of PGPR /e476 /Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate in Food 


It can be used for cocoa products, chocolate and its products, confectionery, chocolate product coating and ice cream coating. 


Application in chocolate:

  • For chocolate, adding a small amount can significantly improve the fluidity of chocolate products and save the amount of cocoa butter.
  • Can reduce the viscosity of chocolate paste without forming crystals
  • Mixing with lecithin has a good synergistic effect, which can significantly reduce the shear stress of chocolate, reduce the amount of cocoa butter without affecting the yield value of the chocolate slurry; can reduce the thickness of the chocolate coating, improve processability.
  • Speed up the filling mold process of chocolate and its products, optimize the technological process, and make the small bubbles generated in it easy to discharge, avoiding the phenomenon of voids and pores in the product.
  • Reduces the amount of chocolate needed for effective pulping and molding.


Application in cookies:

To improve the processability of the product, a thicker and heavier chocolate coating can be formed on the biscuit, and a thinner and more flat chocolate coating can also be conveniently formed, so that the wrapped air is more easily released.


Application in ice cream:

In a humid environment, increase the low-temperature adhesion of the chocolate coating, so that the chocolate frosting of the ice cream can be quickly formed, and accelerates its adhesion and increases its adhesion.


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