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Application of DATEM in Kinds of Food

2020-11-06 10:22


This product has strong emulsification, dispersion, anti-aging and other effects, and it is a good emulsifier and dispersant. 

  • While yeast ferment bread and baking, add shortening can effectively enhance the elasticity, toughness and gas holding capacity of dough, reduce the weakening of the dough; increase the volume of bread and mantou, and improve the structure of tissue. 

  • Interact with amylase to delay and prevent aging of food. 

  • Used in watery cream, it can make product to be more smooth and delicate. 

  • Used in butter and concentrated butter to prevent oil from falling and improve stability. 

  • It can also be used for sugar and syrup and spices. 

  • Used in non-dairy creamer, it can make the product with uniform emulsion and delicate taste. 


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