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Application of PGFE in Kinds of Food

2020-10-30 11:02

The main functions of polyglycerin fatty acid esters are: emulsification, viscosity adjustment, crystallization adjustment, quality improvement, antibacterial and so on. It is widely used in bread, cake, ice cream, protein drinks and meat products etc. 


1. Application in bread, cake and biscuit:

Polyglycerin fatty acid esters can improve the viscosity of starch, prevent the aging effect of starch and effectively improve the texture structure of bread and biscuits to prevent the exudation of oil and improve the quality of the products; at the same time, it can make the oil, water and sugar more evenly dispersed in the dough, so that the bread becomes softer, improves its flavor and chewing taste, produces cake and pastry with more delicate structure and much larger volume and prolongs the shelf life of products.


2. Application in ice cream:

It makes the ice cream with smooth surface, proper moisture looks, and high expansion rate. Ensure uniform mixing of all components, delicate and smooth taste, and improves the heat resistance and shape-retention ability of ice cream, avoiding ice cream ice crystals in the production process and improving the taste.


3. Application in toffee, chocolate and fat:

Polyglyceryl esters have the function of inhibiting or promoting crystallization, can prevent the separation and exudation of fats, improve the shape retention ability of candy, and at the same time make the product form a lot of uniform and fine air gaps to make the product full of elasticity; reducing the viscosity and yield point of molten chocolate to emsure a more convenient processing technology; the polyglycerol fatty acid ester can also inhibit the chocolate fat crystals, prevent chocolate from blooming, and improve its brittleness and shape retention ability. 



4. Application in protein beverage:

Medium carbon chain fatty acid (C8 ~ C12) polyglycerol ester has strong antibacterial effect on bacteria, molds and yeasts etc. When added to fat or protein beverages, it can significantly improve beverage stability, heat resistance and dispersibility, and prevent the phenomenon of precipitation, delamination and oil ring, etc., improves product quality, uniformity and taste, and extends the shelf life.


5. Applications in meat products:

The addition of polyglyceryl esters can make the fat in meat products better dispersed stably and easy to be processed, and can significantly inhibit the product water dehydration, shrinkage and hardening; in the production of meat products such as sausages, it can effectively prevent starch regeneration, aging, and improve product taste, extend product shelf life. The use of polyglyceride in the processing of fish and animal meat can improve its elasticity and make the meat to be delicate; the polyglyceride and monoglyceride are mixed at a ratio of 50:50, and the resulting mixture has good film-forming properties and can be directly used for coating film to keep fresh, and a sealed protective film is formed on the surface of the meat product, which delays the water loss and deterioration of the meat product, prevents the microorganisms from causing spoilage, and does not affect the edible effect of the meat product.


6. Other applications:

In addition to the above applications, polyglycerol esters can be used as food colorants, such as heat-stable coloring of oils with water-soluble dyes or to change the dyes to lipophilicity; can also be used in jelly, especially acid fruit jelly products to prevent jelly products water separation effect. In addition, polyglyceryl esters can also be used in the production of chewing gum and cream confections, improving their mixing performance, reducing the mixing temperature, shortening the mixing time, making the sugar's internal structure uniform and fine in texture, preventing sticking of teeth when chewing, and giving a plastic soft feeling to improve the taste and flavor; can also be used as a fruit and vegetable peeling treatment agent and defoamer during sucrose concentration process. 


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