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Application of emulsifier in ice cream

2020-08-06 16:25

Application of emulsifier in ice cream


Emulsifiers help to create agglomeration of fat globules, and are important for the dryness, fineness of the tissue and anti-shrinkage ability of the ice cream during extrusion. The effects of emulsifiers on ice cream mainly include: emulsification, foaming, and improvement of shape retention.


1. Emulsification: make the homogenized fat globules kept in a finely opacified and steady state;

2. Foaming: improve the foaming and expansion rate of the mixture;

3. Improvement of shape retention: The emulsifier is concentrated in the bubbles of ice cream, which has the effect of stabilizing and preventing heat conduction. It can increase the heat resistance ability of ice cream at room temperature, so that it can better maintain its inherent shape.


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