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Food Emulsifier R&D Center

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DAHE Enterprise adheres to the “research and development, production, operation” as one of the innovative business model, and pay attention to the independent invention. The company's independent intellectual property rights are actively declared national patent protection, and have now formed a number of studies patent results. At the same time, with many domestic first-class scientific research institutions to establish long-term cooperative partnership, DAHE Enterprise cultivates a large number of scientific and technical personnel and implements the extensive and in-depth technical communication and resource sharing.


In 2009, our company has set up the Food Emulsifiers R&D Center which has passed the national qualification. The research center has advanced scientific research equipments and technical researchers, keeps to solve application problems and provide solutions for our customers. In the meantime, the research center and the scientific research institutions jointly develop new products and expand the application field of the products, making a contribution for the development of food industry.


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Committed to provide safe, high-quality, innovative and practical raw materials for the food industry at home and abroad. With the expertise and mature technology in the field of emulsifier and the correct grasp of the market, it rises rapidly.



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